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Showcase and manage your hotel online

The ultimate hotel theme

Hotel Booking WordPress theme is a sleek app theme powered by our advanced Tevolution plugin and the Booking System add-on. It is an ideal solution in case you’re looking to create a hotel website that both looks and works the part.

Key features



  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Showcase your house/hotel

    Having a good looking site is important everywhere, but most of all in the hotel business. Each part of the theme has been designed to not only work great, but to also look great.

  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Online booking

    Don’t rely on third-party services and scripts, enable bookings directly on your site. As admin you can approve or reject any booking claim submitted by visitors.

  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Completely widgetized

    The beautiful Hotel Booking homepage is created with a number of custom widgets. Swapping elements or including new ones is as easy as drag n’ drop, literally.

  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Customize the booking form

    Include the fields you want inside the front-end booking form. Apart from a few mandatory fields (room select), most of it is totally customizable.


The Templatic Booking plugin is available as a standalone product as well!


  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Add services

    Want to charge extra for stuff like parking or WiFi? Add service in the back-end, set the price and they’ll appear as options inside the booking form.

  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Create a multilingual site

    Use WPML to setup a multilingual hotel website where visitors can change the default language per their requirements.

  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Seasonal prices

    Do your prices change depending on time of year? If yes, we’ve got you covered. Set a timeframe + new price and the system will take care of the rest.

  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Extensive booking calendar

    In Hotel Booking each room you add will come with a matching availability calendar allowing visitors to clearly see which dates are taken and which are available.

  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Setup promotions using coupons

    The included coupon module will allow you to offer discounts on your regular booking rates. An optional coupon field appears by default inside the booking form.

  • Hotel Booking WordPress theme

    Maintain a regular ol’ blog

    No worries, we didn’t forget about the blog. Starting a blog with this advanced theme is as easy as creating a new category and adding some posts to it, no further tweaking necessary.


Hotel Booking WordPress theme features a stunning responsive design


Hotel Booking WordPress theme

How to make money with Hotel Booking?

hotel booking wordpress theme

The primary way to make money with Hotel Booking WordPress theme is to charge for accommodations. This is achieved using a booking form which allows visitors to book a room and then pay for it. The theme can also be setup so it only charges deposits; visitors can then pay during check-in or check-out.

Second option is by selling products. Using the popular WooCommerce plugin (explained in detail below) you can turn Hotel Booking into a bona fide web store.

Third option is turning Hotel Booking into a Tevolution-powereddirectory. Create a post type of your choosing, setup a front-end submission form and then charge for submissions.



Customizable, widget ready homepage

Hotel Booking WordPress theme


The upgrade to HotelBooking 2 was worth the wait, and thanks for all the help and support.

Jeff Schult,



Visit our Showcase to see what others have done with Hotel Booking


The power of Tevolution




hotel booking wordpress themeTevolution is a plugin we use to power our advanced app themes. It can be used as a standalone product but works best coupled with themes such as Hotel Booking. Tevolution has the power to turn any theme into a full-blown directory.It includes stuff such as the ability to create new post types. After that has been created you can continue with generating submission forms (so visitors can add content) and evenmonetizing the forms (so they pay before submitting).On top of that there are features such as bulk import/export, custom register forms, transaction reporting and so on.

  • Tariff page

    No manual price tables; generate a page which lists all your room/house prices.

  • Block dates

    Make certain dates unavailable for booking. For instance, during room/house repairs.

  • Manage emails

    Each email sent by the system can be tweaked in the back-end. Some shortcodes are available too.

  • Set tax

    Set your tax amount and then choose for which houses/rooms it should apply to.

  • Set a deposit

    Don’t want to charge the whole amount online? Set a deposit and allow visitors to pay most of it during check-in.

  • Custom background

    Use the WordPress customizer to change the background. It’s all done in real-time.

  • Sticky header

    The sticky header can display our navigation bar even during scrolling. Keeps the most important links accessible.

  • Infinite colors

    The theme comes with an extensive customization back-end allowing you to easily change the theme’s appearance.

  • Social buttons

    Allow visitors to share your content using Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ social networks.

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