ShowStopper – WooCommerce Multi Purpose WordPress Theme


The ultimate multi-purpose theme

ShowStopper is a sleek multipurpose WordPress theme designed for showcasing and selling just about any type of product or service. The theme is fully responsive and even comes with a one-page management feature allowing you to display lots of content on the homepage. Product selling features are provided by the awesome WooCommerce plugin 

Key features



  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Full homepage control

    In ShowStopper the most important page is controlled with widgets. There are 6 content homepage areas in which you can showcase content. Each area can hold multiple widgets.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Sell products

    Use the free WooCommerce plugin to sell any product you can think of. Several product types are provided, including physical, digital and affiliate.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Mobile friendly

    ShowStopper has been designed to look great on all devices; from computers to phones. On each visit the theme will resize itself to accommodate the visitors screen size.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Unlimited color options

    Quickly change the color of your buttons or body background. Using the WordPress Customizer these changes can be made in seconds and previewed in real time!

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Portfolio management

    To make managing your portfolio easier, ShowStopper comes with a “Portfolio” custom post type. Add your work and showcase it on the homepage in just a few clicks.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Automatic updates

    This feature will allow you to update the theme right from the WordPress dashboard, much like you would update a plugin (or WordPress itself).

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Create a multilingual site

    Using WPML you can setup a multilingual website where visitors can change the default language per their requirements.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Mega menu support

    Mega menus allow you to go beyond simple dropdown menus and introduce structures with multiple columns. They work on mobile phones as well!

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Wide variety of shortcodes

    To help customize your pages and posts ShowStopper comes with a wide selection ofshortcodes. They range from simple alert boxes to advanced tabs and popovers.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Maintain a regular ol’ blog

    No worries, we didn’t forget about the blog. Starting a blog in ShowStopper is as easy as creating a new category and adding some posts to it, no further tweaking necessary.


This multipurpose WordPress theme features an entirely responsive design


ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

Awesome homepage management







ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme
One of the things that make ShowStopper special is the fact you can display pretty much anything on the homepage. Products, portfolio items, blog posts and even whole pages can be appended to the homepage.What’s more, linking to specific homepage sections is available from the native WordPress “Menus” section. Achieving this is as easy as creating a custom link and mapping it to one of the 5 available homepage widget sections.Lastly, there’s also the mega menus functionality. With a mega menu you’re not limited to simple dropdowns; a menu element can expand into several link columns.



Customizable, widget ready homepage

ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme



WooCommerce, in a nutshell…







  • Store management

    To make product management easier, the plugin will create a new post type – Products.

  • Shipping and Tax

    Several shipping methods come built-in to the plugin. Same is true for tax rates.

  • Extensions

    There are hundreds of extensions available for WooCommerce, including dozens of payment gateways.

  • Coupon module

    Use coupons to enable discounts on your products. Use them for marketing campaigns.

  • One page checkout

    Proven to increase sales, the one page checkout is designed to keep customers engaged.

  • Social media

    Visitors can share all your products on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • Awesome docs

    The extensive WooCommerce documentation will go above and beyond in helping you get started.

  • Security

    The plugin has been designed to meet the highest industry standards for security.

  • Ratings

    Allow visitors to rate and comment on your products. The feature is built-into WordPress comments.


WooCommerce is entirely free and available in the plugins directory.


ShowStopper - responsive one page e-commerce theme

  • 1-click auto install

    Pressing just one button inside the theme back-end you can make your newly installed theme look like our demo site.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Detailed documentation

    A multi-page guide containing text, images and video makes getting started with this advanced theme a whole lot easier.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Outstanding support

    In case you ever run into problems, our skilled staff will be there to help in community forumsand in Helpdesk.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Third-party plugin support

    Use popular WordPress plugins such asGravity Forms or WordPress SEO by Yoast to enhance the directory even further.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Included .PSD file

    The developer version comes with a layered Photoshop (.PSD) file so you can change the look and feel of the theme as much as you like.

  • ShowStopper - a multipurpose WordPress theme

    Browser compatibility

    All Templatic themes are compatible with latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari and two latest versions of Internet Explorer.


With its one page responsive design this multipurpose WordPress theme is a great choice for anyone looking to showcase their services or products in a sleek and stylish manner. The best part… using our 1-click install feature you can create an awesome website in mere minutes.

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