WordPress 3.8 – Admin design changes and features

So WordPress are once again releasing another update WordPress 3.8 aka “Parker” in honor of Charlie Parker, bebop innovator, you may be thinking so what, another update consisting of minor bug fixes and some nifty features that you probably wont even use.

Not so fast, this update is one that we’re quite excited about. For as long as we can remember the WordPress backend hasn’t really changed much, we’ve seen a few minor changes in the left side navigation over the past updates but WordPress 3.8 takes the admin experience up a notch.

More and more websites are adopting a flat minimal approach to displaying content is making for a better user experience, clean, to the point and most importantly focusing on content. For a WordPress user the backend is the focus, managing your website needs to be a easy as possible, and WordPress 3.8 does just that.

WordPress 3.8 comes with a complete new backend experience a new flat UI , a new way to mange themes and customisation, a whole new widget interface, talks about Omnisearch a global admin search, a very different twentlyfourteen theme amongst some other bits and bobs.

MP6 is a plugin that now will feature as standard in the new update but if you fancy checking out the new look you can install the Mp6 plugin here

Just short overview mainly about the backend. We will be reviewing the new twentyfourteen theme and full feature list on release.

Download wordpress 3.8 here

Update you WordPress install to 3.8 and browse through our collections of the best handpicked themes and start the new year with a new look. Checkout our minimal WordPress themes collection to go with the new minimal admin update.




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